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Carpet Weaving


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Our Vision

To be world’s most sophisticated and integrated Carpet Manufacturer, producing affordable, Quality Carpets and Rugs accessible to all – Transforming it from luxury to necessity, while delivering value to all stake holders.

Our Mission

  • Create a fully integrated Carpet manufacturing facility, deploying state-of-the-art machinery, top technical, highly skilled and motivated team.
  • Producing finest quality of Branded Carpets from Resin to final product enhancing life-style, and bringing luxury to all.
  • Using latest technology, provide easy direct access to a wide range of affordable carpets and rugs to an expanding cross section of global customers and dealers.
  • Creating value to all stakeholders.

Our Quality

Quality Assurance and Control being set to International Standards achieving consistency all the time. Meticulously laid down visual, touch and feel parameters for a finally finished Product Range in vibrant color, covering Wall to Wall Carpets, Rugs and Runners, PLUSHPILE collection is favored by customers who have derived lasting satisfaction.

Our Design

A confluence of Traditional Craftsmanship and Digital Technology flows through our ultra-modern Design Studios. A  dedicated team of highly skilled designers conceptualize a wide range of Artwork – from Traditional Persian collection  to Modern and Contemporary Patterns catering to all Interiors and Aesthetic Tastes. Delicately balanced blends of Colors and Motifs define our unique PLUSHPILE collections.

Our Carpets Category

Masjid/Prayer Carpet

Area Rug

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Runner Carpets

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Wall to Wall

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